She is An Inspirational Talking Smart Doll Who Is
                              Passionate About Planting The Seeds of Success Within The Minds of Little Girls
                                                                                     (and Boys Indirectly).

A Word from Silva Mirzoian, the creator of Silva the Genie

"It's never too early to teach kids the fundamentals of confidence and self-esteem, so they are equipped to deal with the stresses of growing up and finding their way in today's fast-moving world."  
You don't have to be a genius to know that most of our adult emotional challenges stem from our childhood years.  As an author - creator of "Jump-Start Your Life" book/programs, and lifestyle developer, I have worked with many adults who were, and are, seeking guidance in ways to Jump Start' their lives. 
I had to go through this process myself! So, I thought, why not take a few steps back to start focusing more on inspiring and empowering kids, from a young age, with life skills they can use to best cultivate their inner gifts, talents and qualities towards creating a better future."

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