Adventures & Events with

              Come on and join me on a fun adventure where we will discover new fun games and skills.                    

School Visits with Games & Contests

Silva the Genie loves to visit local schools...
This is where she meets up with her fans and mini genies.
Look for upcoming visit dates to a school in your area.
Who knows, she could be showing up in your school!

Watch our adventure  animation clips on Youtube

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        Dropping by Your Local Toy Stores

Silva the Genie is touring around the country,
visiting local toy stores to meet all of her Mini-Genies
and to introduce her latest products
 including the dolls, backpacks and much more...
Come meet Silva the Genie
at your local store...
Who knows what magic could happen.

Exploring Different Career and Lifestyle Options ...

  Other Cultures as She Begins her Travel Around the World

And much more...

Having just been released from her Pandora box, Silva the Genie now needs to explore the different career options and lifestyles that are available to her.
She will also be travelling around the world and learning about different cultures, traditions and languages.

She will share her adventures with her friends.
Stay in touch via her social media and new upcoming toys.

 Silva the Genie's  World Travel Map


Silva the Genie's favorite Cupcakes-

Chunkey Monkey       
 Jake's favorite-Cookies & Cream      Natalie's favorite-Red Velvet 



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