Hi Mini-Genies®!

  is on the lookout for Mini-Genies® to join her in having
 fun while we make a difference in your school and community. 

 If you are PASSIONATE about:

o   Standing UP Against Bullying

o   Learning

o   Being Kind

o   Being Successful

o   Protecting Animals

o   Doing the Right Thing

o   Being the Best That You Can Be

o   Having Fun!!!


Then, wants to hear from you!

Be sure to fill out this form below with your mom or dad.  Once we confirm their approval of your request, we can send you all the information that you need to become a "Mini-Genie


Once approved, you will receive a bag of goodies and a certificate with your picture on it to validate that you are a member of the "Mini- Genie®" team.
(Mini Genie
® outfits are sold separately and will soon be available in S, M & L through our store page.)

During our events, you will connect with other kids from around the nation
and possibly, the world.

Click on Mini-Genie
® Britney's picture on the left to watch her video.

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Tell us how to get in touch with you, be sure to include your email address:
If under 18 a parent must complete this form and approve of this request.  

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There is NO LIMIT to how far together we can go.







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