She is An Inspirational Talking Smart Doll Who Is Passionate About Planting The Seeds of Success Within The Minds of Little Girls (and Boys Indirectly).


A Word from Silva Mirzoian, the creator of Silva the Genie

"It's never too early to teach kids the fundamentals of confidence and self-esteem, so they are equipped to deal with the stresses of growing up and finding their way in today's fast-moving world."  
You don't have to be a genius to know that most of our adult emotional challenges stem from our childhood years.  As an author - creator of "Jump-Start Your Life" book/programs, and lifestyle developer, I have worked with many adults who were, and are, seeking guidance in ways to Jump Start' their lives. 

I had to go through this process myself! So, I thought, why not take a few steps back to start focusing more on inspiring and empowering kids, from a young age, with life skills they can use to best cultivate their
inner gifts, talents and qualities towards creating a better future."

  Silva the Genie is touring around the country throughout schools to educate, inspire and
  empower today's teens with the tools to overcome low self esteem, increase their confidence level,
  and how to stand up against bullying.
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