Like No Other Doll!

She is An Inspirational Talking Smart Doll  
       She is A New Kind of A Superhero!

  Encourages Little Girls (and boys indirectly) to Build Their
  Self-Esteem, Overcome Bullying
  & Know That in Life, Anything Is Possible

  Achieve to live any lifestyle or a career that they choose.

She’s Fun… She’s Cool… She’s Empowering

 Girls too can have a champion to help them expand their horizon and
 dream big. Someone who will offer emotionally healthy encouragements
 and support their parents love.

Don't be fooled by her outfit, after all, she is a Genie!

 This one-of-a-kind talking doll with empowering messages for young girls is on a mission.
 She will be a
positive force as she delivers messages that will help build self-esteem to
 overcome negative peer pressure or bullying.

 In the coming months she will begin to travel around the world, explore different career options,
 cultures, languages, lifestyles and share the journey with her friends.

 With every push of a button on her tummy she speaks one of her pre-recorded 12 affirmations.  (Click on the audio icons below to hear couple of the phrases.)


  Doll stands at 12" high.
  Each dressed in a 3 piece Genie outfit.

  Mix and match to suit your mood. Made of Spandex and Tulle.

  Each doll comes complete with silver hair band, earrings, necklace, bracelets

  and silver Silva the Genie

  3 Dolls to choose from:

  *Love - dressed in her purple Genie outfit
  *Faith - dressed in her blue Genie outfit 
  *Hope - dressed in her green Genie outfit

Choose Name & Outfit color

 With every doll you will receive a copy of Silva the Genie comic book shown here
Price includes shipping within USA Only.
Operated by easy to replace 3 button size LR44 batteries. Ask a parent to help.
 Dolls are delivered with the audio button turned off - simply remove doll from the
 package, and push button on the  back of the neck to on position.

A percentage of net proceeds from all products are donated to non profit organizations
 providing anti-bullying programs throughout schools.


*American Society for Testing & Materials.





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