Who is ?

  She is an inspirational superhero who encourages little girls to be the amazing person that they are meant to be!! 

  She inspires girl especially, to expand their horizons and dream big. Know that in life, anything is possible.
  Explore future lifestyles, careers and entrepreneurship options.
  She loves to educate, empower and inspire kids to stand up for what they believe in, and, most importantly, to stand up against bullying.

 She encourages us to release the Genie within, through the power of imagination and positive actions.
 Close your eyes, push on her tummy and imagine her to be you as she speaks one of her pre-recorded inspirational 12 phrases!

 "Hi, I am Silva the Genie!

  I was born in an exotic place far away with great big green palm trees and two forever-flowing rivers.
  I remember when I was just a young girl, I was constantly made fun of. Why?

  I looked very different from the other kids, I didn’t fit in and they made me feel left out. I felt so unloved and unwanted. But, now, life
  is very different for me. I’m so glad I didn’t let their harsh words affect me. I’m even happier I didn’t believe what they were saying
  about me. For that reason, I am here to share my stories with you and inspire you to…

* Believe in your dreams. Never give up on your dreams!

* Be kind to yourself and others. Also be sure that
   you are extra kind to animals

* Understand the value of life and respect others.

* Respect your talents, gifts and abilities.

* Fulfill your potential in life.

  Come on and join us on a fun adventure where we will learn
  about unique places around the world - wear the traditional
  clothes and learn different languages and lifestyles. 
 These places are full of culture, heritage, traditions, vibrant
 colors, shapes and sizes.

 Soon Silva the Genie will begin to explore different career options, clothing, lifestyles, languages and cultures. She will share this adventure with her friends. She will encourage you to explore your creativity and possibilities in life.

   Get ready to have the time of your life..... You deserve it!"






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